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Order Tramadol Cod Overnight Delivery, Online Apotheke Tramadol Ohne Rezept

We are extremely proud to announce our Managing Director Mark Chudley will become the Vice President of the British Association of Removers in 2019.

Tramadol Cheapest OnlineAt Chudley Moving we are active members of the BAR which is the main trade association within the removals industry. BAR membership means that member companies offer a high level of consumer protection to customers and are audited annually on their standards. Vice presidents of the association carry out a two year term at which time they take up the presidential role which Mark will begin in 2021. During 2018 Mark served as chairman at BAR services, the associations packaging supplier, and sat on the BAR board of directors. Our Operations Director Adam Chudley is also involved as he was elected to sit on the BAR Overseas group council as well as being on the committee of the BAR Young Movers.

Adam commented on Marks future appointment – ‘BAR membership is extremely important in our efforts to prove to our customers we offer our services at the highest standards and as a company we have always tried to be as involved as possible. We extremely proud that Mark will take up this role during 2019 (our 25th year) as we continue to support the important work the BAR carries out’.