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Currency exchange when you move abroad

We are aware moving time can be expensive and where possible we are always looking to share ways to minimize that.

During the moving process you maybe looking to transfer your money to your new country of residence, often this is proceeds from your house sale and any savings you may have. The natural reaction is to go where we always go regarding our money, the banks. But there is another way….

Currency Exchange by FairFx

Currency exchange experts FairFX – And how do they get you better rates and save money? In their words…

FAIRFX has taken a revolutionary approach to the whole foreign exchange market for both individuals and businesses. We cut out the middle man and use state of the art technology to execute your orders and get your money to you.
By eliminating expensive Travel Money bureaus and kiosks, we can provide fantastically priced Travel Money in a highly convenient fashion. We provide our customers with great value for money by offering highly competitive rates.

Recently in removals trade publication “The Mover” Editor Steve Jordan spoke of customers using a similar service and saving enough to cover their removal cost. So why not contact FairFx today and see what they can do to help?

Currency Exchange by FairFx