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2015 a year for moving early?

2014 proved a very busy year for most services including both domestic and international moving and storage.

We saw increased numbers of people moving to the more popular destinations such as The USA, Australia and New Zealand. Our speciality, Cyprus removal service also held steady after many predicted a down turn on the high amount of removals both out and back from the Island during 2013. There is no doubt that the financial crisis has had effect in Cyprus however this hasn’t put off Brits as property prices stay very low in comparison to this country.

Most British Association of Removers members that we talked to during the year had commented that the domestic removals and storage market was extremely strong especially over the summer. We ourselves enjoyed over a 25% increase from the previous year. I personally moved house locally two and a half years ago and was delighted to hear, this week, my property is valued over 5% higher than its purchase price.

And so to 2015? What will the year bring about for the housing and removal market?

Due to a keen personal interest in the stock market and the economic world I’ve read many articles about the UK economic climate. We all know the economy is stronger than it has been, unemployment is going down, interest rates are still at a record low, fuel prices are down which coupled together should mean more money in our pockets and more consumer confidence to go out and spend it. The catch? Well that has to be the upcoming elections breeding uncertainty, especially this year with the UKIP and SNP factor leaving no perceived clear majority for any political party.

The articles I’ve read suggest interest rates, expected to rise already, will stick for anything from 9 to 18 months depending who’s commenting. It’s also suggested when they do rise they are unlikely to rise much or fast. Who knows? A local Somerset estate agent suggested the year had started with a strong enquiry level though interestingly he felt there weren’t enough properties on the market. A sign maybe that people want to move and are looking but aren’t taking the jump of actually putting their own property on the market.

2015 is predicted to be busy for the housing and removal market by many though most feel we won’t see this until after the election. Previous years have taught us though that predictions can easily go out the window, I personally feel these predictions are most likely.

So why move early?
A quiet spring will mean a lower staff build up for removal companies into the start of the summer. Then a busy summer will mean additional stress finding your moving company. Last year we saw increased amounts of people losing moving dates, and property chains because they couldn’t contract a mover. If you do choose to move in the summer, don’t panic BUT PLAN EARLY. Don’t wait for the chain, try to push it along. Contact movers early and try to make your timescale very clear at the start.

Moving time doesn’t need to be stressful, if we can help in anyway please contact us today.